Talented Photographers posted 1/11/2015

Better late then never ! My husband and I got married on 9/15/12. I loved working with Joey Ikemoto Photograpy. When ever I called about my package, they were always so helpful. Sam and Chris were amazing, I loved every picture that they shot. I would highly recommend Joey Ikemoto Photography.

Everything was perfect!!! posted 10/29/2014

Everyone on the crew was great. Sam was very professional and we had a blast working with him!!

Uber-talented Photographer!!! posted 10/16/2014

My fiance and I hired Joey as our wedding photographer. The process from start to finish was extremely easy. Joey and his team are very professional, friendly and accommodating. I never had any issues when I have questions or concerns as they were all very helpful. Our meeting with Joey was super fun! He made my fiance and I felt at ease and we liked him the moment we met. We knew he was the right guy for the job. Joey was very knowledgeable, professional, detail oriented, creative and extremely talented. He walked us through the whole process step by step and answered all of our questions. He made suggestions throughout the meeting and also listened and did the best he can to cater to our requests. He also made it super fun for us and our family and friends while taking pictures at our wedding. Joey’s personality meshed well with ours so we had a blast on our wedding day. He made everything so easy and made everyone feel comfortable. He was hilarious and made everyone laugh and at the same time made sure he took care of business. I can’t wait to see the pictures as I know for sure Joey took a lot of fantastic and amazing shots…especially the ones from the chapel and the lookout. I’m pretty sure the pictures are going to be phenomenal. Joey is extremely talented and I’m so thankful and grateful to have worked with him. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family and am looking forward to working with him in the near future. YOU TOTALLY ROCK JOEY IKEMOTO!!! Thank you so much for being a fantabulous photographer and I’m uber-excited to see the pictures!
Outstanding and amazing photographer posted 10/14/2014

Joey Ikemoto came highly recommended by many different sources and we know why! We had our first meeting in the studio and immediately knew Joey was the one! His work is beautiful, creative and of the highest quality. He is extremely professional, organized, efficient, reliable, diligent and highly talented. Joey and his entire team were extremely helpful as we reviewed the timeline and talked through special elements of the wedding day that were important to capture. From the beginning, we had complete trust and confidence in Joey knowing that he would capture the day beautifully and allow the bride and groom, and wedding party and guests, to enjoy the most wonderful day and evening. Joey knew exactly the right photos to take and when to take them and coordinated meticulously within the timeframe. He has a real talent of making everyone feel relaxed and at ease, including the bride and groom! His dedication, thoughtfulness and passion for what he does is amazing. We were thrilled and very much look forward to continuing to work with Joey and his team as we go through the photo and album review and selection process….and engaging Joey again very soon for some holiday cards! THANK YOU JOEY!

Absolutely Stunning Photos posted 10/10/2014

We decided to go with Joey Ikemoto Photography for our wedding mainly because their website stands out above the rest of the sites we looked at. It is clear that they are very experienced and they take quality shots – see for yourself if you haven’t done so already. At our initial consultation, Joey explained why his studio is better than most (experience, equipment, etc.) but we were already sold. Although you pay a premium to have Joey shoot your wedding, you can also have one of his associates do it for a lower price. We had his associate Sam do our wedding and he was amazing.

The planning meeting a couple of months before our big day allowed us to prepare a detailed timeline of exactly where everyone was going to be and when as well as what shots we wanted to take and with whom. Being very familiar with our ceremony and reception venues (Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes and The Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach), they were also able to suggest shots that had resulted in amazing photos for them in the past.

On our big day, Sam and his assistant were very organized, professional, and easy to work with. They pulled us outside at sunset to get some shots and again later for some shots in the moonlight. They were clearly excited about the incredible photos they were getting which made us even more anxious to see them.

One short month after our wedding, the images (over 2,000 of them!) were uploaded for us to view and select from for our album. We were absolutely blown away by what we saw – they are better than we could have ever imagined! Choosing this company for our photography was easily one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. The hard part is going to be narrowing it down to 100 or so for the photo album because there are so many amazing shots.

I would recommend Joey Ikemoto Photography to anybody that wants the absolute best photos possible of their wedding.
wedding photography posted 10/5/2014

They were very professional and seem to know what theyre doing. They make every moment count and take every photo oppurtunity. Very artistic and professional. We really love the pictures. We highly recommend joey ikemoto photography. Our parents and relatives were amazed when they saw all the pictures.
Wayfarer Wedding posted 10/5/2014

I would highly recommend Joey Ikemoto!! I researched several photographers who had experience at Wayfarers Chapel in PV. We choose Joey for his artistic approach. We wanted a few traditional photos but really wanted wedding photos that were truly a piece of art.

Joey and his team were highly professional. He knows how to quickly set up the photo to produce the best outcome. He keeps you laughing to ensure he captures the moment. He is highly organized in order to maximize photo opportunities.

Thanks to Joey for preserving memories of our wedding.
Quality isn’t cheap posted 10/1/2014

Joey is not the cheapest around but man does he and his staff take good pictures. My bride and I decided that this was one area we wanted to stretch our budget. At the end of the day, our memories and what we will show our kids is ultimately what lasts. I agree with some reviewers that his pricing is a bit confusing but we figured it out.

Your Search is Over: Go with the BEST… Joey Ikemoto Photography posted 9/16/2014

We searched and met with countless photographers forever….. then we finally saw the works of Joey Ikemoto online. His art is simply PERFECT. The first day we met Joey was unforgettable…. he is indeed very charismatic and made us comfortable. I’m amazed with his humbleness to listen to exactly how and what we wanted; he’s very open to ideas. Not pushy at all.
He assigned us his super patient assistant Tracy and the perfect awesome photographers …. Sam with his assistant Stephanie. They were incredible! The day of the wedding was amazing, with so much going-on… he definitely took our stress away and just made us enjoy the photoshoot of our special day. Thank you Sam and Steph!!!
Our wedding day was indeed magical…The pictures were unbelievable!….and…. Joey and his staff captured it forever for us…… to relive it over and over again.
This people were strangers to us….but with our experience, we now consider them our family FOREVER. Thank you Joey and everybody at the Joey Ikemoto Photography. God bless!
With Sincere Gratitude,
Maryanne and Robert
FABULOUS! posted 9/9/2014

I searched all over LA to make sure I was choosing the right photographer for our wedding. After visiting the studio and seeing the quality of work that Joey Ikemoto produces, I knew I found the one. Sam photographed our special day and he was amazing. He was prompt, knew how to get what he needed out of people quickly and even managed large groups with ease. Our photos are absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t be happier! I would recommend this studio to any bride!

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  1. Adelle & Danni Ordoñez

    Dani and I waited 24 years to be married hence, we want nothing but the best. Joey Ikemoto was highly recommended by my friend who used to work at Wayfarer’s chapel. We check their website, check their works and decided to get them. They walked us through the process and guided us every step of the way from the first meeting to the actual shoot. Joey captured every single moment that needs to be captured. He made me and my husband very comfortable. They have a way of making you smile and laugh then capture the perfect moment. Very professional. I have and will recommend Joey Ikemoto’s work to anybody looking to preserve their memories for life. Thank you Joey, Daryl for the awesome pictures.

  2. Myoli Landig de la Vega

    After my now husband I and got engaged, I had a few things on my “must have” list… one of which was an amazing photographer. We met with just one photographer – obviously Joey. Before going in to meet the man himself, we did the typical research on wedding photography and a bunch of socal photographers as recommended by friends, family, weddingwire, theknot, yelp, etc.

    Going into the meeting, we were familiar with Joey’s work and some of his associates (Sam, Nate and Henry). One of the most important factors for us was to feel comfortable with our photographer. This person becomes the invisible third party to your special day, so it was super crucial for us to both be able to feel comfortable in our own skin.

    Joey and his entire team were professional, friendly, easy to worth with (they responded to my incessant e-mails and were very nice… even when I sent hangry e-mails :D), and produce amazing photos. We’ve already recommended him to anyone who has asked. Joey and his team are the best! We love the Ikemoto team and are looking forward to working with everyone again!

  3. Sylvia Sue Mock

    Our daughter, Patricia was fortunate enough to have a not only an amazing venue of Wayfarer Chapel but also Sam from Joey Ikemoto Photographers as well. Her wedding party included her three year old twins as well as her three year old nephew, her four year old niece and eight year old daughter, which could have been a disaster. Sam not only took it all in stride, he managed to get some amazing candid and posed shots of the children as well as the adults. It was more than apparent he knew Wayfarer Chapel and the grounds, his use of the background trees and view of the oceans was thought out but extremely natural. The framing of Patricia and Levi in the trees are nothing less than breathtaking. The conversion to black and white the shots look like hoar frost on a cold November day at home in Alaska, truly amazing.
    The beach shots at the Royal Palm Beach are beautiful they look so natural, nothing looks forced. The way Sam positioned Patricia and Levi captured the love and happiness they felt for each other. So often wedding photographs are canned, that is, there are so many that are the same, walking up the aisle, standing beside each other, the kiss, etc., Yet Sam did all these, with a twist. Nothing looked “canned” or posed, everything looked natural and real. I cannot praise Joey Ikemoto Photographers high enough. They are amazing. We were so blessed that our daughter had the opportunity to be able to engage them for her wedding. If in doubt, please use them, you’ll never regret it.

  4. Natalie and Keith Webber

    AMAZING is the only word we can use to describe Joey Ikemoto Photography! Joey and his staff were an instrumental part of our day being such a success.
    When we sat down to discuss the schedule of events, they used their vast experience of wedding day photography to help us revise our day and make it flawless. Sam, our photographer and Austin, his assistant were punctual, VERY professional, and super talented!

    Once the formal pictures were taken, they both melted into the background and snapped hundreds of pictures while we partied the night away.

    We cannot say enough good things about the entire staff, as well as our photographers and we promise you will not be disappointed!!!


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